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If you want your open mic to be posted on this page, e-mail



A Couple of Stand Up Guys Open Mic
Rudyard’s British Pub
2010Waugh Drive
Houston, Texas 77006
Stage Time: 6 Minutes, 21 and up.
To sign up e-mail between Begins Thursday at Noon and Ends Friday at noon

Show Starts at 8:00pm
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Upstairs Comedy is a new open mic inside the loop in Houston!

Each comedian receives 5 minutes on stage and also support improv groups who want to perform at our event as well!

So come visit PJ’s Sports Bar every Monday evening for free standup and great drink specials.

Buy any drink, get a free hotdog!

614 W. Gray

Houston, TX 77019



Houston Improv Open Mic


Show starts at 7:30ish,

Bucket drawing for the list starts around 7:20ish!

Improv Comedy Club
7620 Katy Freeway, Space 431,

Houston, TX, 77024

Boondocks Open Mic



1417 Westheimer
Houston, Tx 77006



8684 Louetta Rd.
Spring, TX 77379 

Stage time: 5 -7 minutes
21 and up
Show Starts @ 9:45pm

“Comics get a free drink on the house for going up”

— Max Power


Christian’s Tail Gate

Sign up at 9. Starts at 9:30. Ask for Robert Turo.

Email between Thursday and Monday to be on the following Wednesday’s list.



42 thoughts on “Open Mic List

  1. I’m looking for open. Mic nights for july and august. This would be my first time on stage I’m so excited to finally get started. I really don’t where to start. I really need your help. If you can keep me posted on open mic nights please I would appreciate it.

    • Bro, go for it. I’m the same way and I’ve only done it 1 other time before and I kinda killed it that night that they wanted me back, but I hesitated. I didn’t think I was that funny, apparently I might be, because people keep pushing me for it. So, I say to you GO FOR IT! There’s gonna be hecklers, but either you dig through it or bail out. I know that feel, bro.

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  3. Can’t wait to start open mic! I did a couple shows in front of a high school audience and it was awesome! Definitely want to do this some more!

    • Did you have enough material to be comfortable? What advise do you have for someone who is just starting to participate in open-mic nights?

      • Confidence is key as usual. Also, perform what you find funny, being a true comedian always has the best outcome.

      • Run it by friends. Open for a band. Just be the comic that opens up and tells two jokes then introduces the band. Gets an honest response from the audience and they forget you if you bomb because the band is now playing.

    • A lot of places use Friday and Saturday nights for paid shows and headliners. You don’t want to risk a bad beginner making people uncomfortable and cleaning out their house on a prime night.

      For those asking for advice:

      Know your style-
      Are you a shock comic? Outrageous? Sarcastic? Dry? Stick to what you are comfortable with and don’t try to be something you aren’t just because you feel like it’s what people want.

      Have material-
      Long awkward pauses kill the momentum of even the best sets (unless that’s your style.). Have something on standby to go to. Something that flows naturally so you don’t have to stumble your way through it.

      Understand that it’s not all glamor-
      I’ve heard several stories of comics just dogging people at open mic night to discourage them. You have to understand, it’s very competitive for paid gigs. Even the nicest ones are secretly hoping you bomb.

      Have realistic expectations-
      Even the best comics get a dead crowd every now and again. Chances are, you will bomb at some point. Be willing to accept that. On the other hand, I don’t know of a single comic that got an HBO special after their first open mic night.

      It happens all the time: a comic hears something at an open mic night, and figures out how to deliver it better, and fits it into their routine. But comedy gigs see the same faces frequently. If you get caught, I’ve heard of fist fights, public shaming, and everything in between. That’s a reputation you just don’t want.

      Have Fun-
      Your energy is going to lead the audience. If you are having fun, they are more likely to have fun as well.

      Know your audience-
      What works well in church may not go over well in a dark, seedy bar.

      Good luck, at least you can say you tried. That’s more than most.

  4. I was a street performer in california. I didn’t have time to participate in comedy improv open mike. I want to meet people of like minds. Hopefully I can learn to become one of comedians recognized comedians in the future.

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  6. When I go out to perform stand up comedy at different venues around town. I get the feeling I am not welcome. Why? Is it because I out shine the local wanna bess comedians.

    • Try various clubs and find one that suits you.

      I went to one local club and had a solid set (not a kill, but far from a bomb, and better than most of the new comics), and I haven’t gotten a decent spot since. I think the host didn’t like me.

      I’ve done well elsewhere.

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  11. Moderation my ass… I don’t await moderation… moderation awaits on me…
    Whon Rite (Ron White wannabe)
    and yes, I do steal some of his jokes… they’re fuckin’ hilarious…

  12. Im trying to find a open mic night near the kingwood area maybe lufkin area as well for music artist or stand up comedy. Im new to this. But would very much be grateful if any ideas on where i could go to set up a possable gig.

  13. I feel like a fag for saying this but I need encouragement. When I was 16 I performed at the historic yet tragically closed laff stop for the first time,and was treated very well and encouraged. I moved to LA performed comedy with 50/50 results half good shows halfe bad, but loved it. I then got into music and sex, and dropped the comedy all together. I’m now 32 and I miss stand up so much I’ve writing new material but I know it would be any good until I go bomb with it over and over til it’s polished or new material develops. My problem is I got used to being good or at least average on stage and I haven’t done comedy in 10 years so I will suck at least at first, and been to much of a pussy to go bomb I need help to face the fire. Any responses would be appreciated negative or positive

    • Hey jake,

      I say go balls to the wall man. You’ve killed it before and you can do it again. Don’t let te rust ruin the confidence of those past successes. I look forwRd to seeing you at one of these open mics! Last note: I just met an 80 year old lovely lady who is pursuing improv for the first time! It’s never too late and a few humiliating moments never hurt anyone 🙂

      Best of luck!!

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