Guest Correspondents

Billy D. Washington

What Exactly is the Race Card?

5 Things Not To Say To a Veteran Comedian When Asking For Advice

The Great Comedy Conundrum

The Decay of the Influential Comedian: An Archetypical Analysis

The Etiquette of Bombing: A 5 Step Recovery


Iliza Shlesinger

Get Off Your High Horse!

Jamie Masada

Searching For Richard Pryor

Caroline Picard


Paul Oddo

Notes On The Comedy Underground 

Tommy Drake

Working For Carnival: What It Takes


Warren Wright

Open Mic Terrorism: Why Groans Aren’t Laughs

A Young, Hungry and Dope Scene

Tim Mathis

15 Steps To Go From An Open Micer To An Emcee

Junior Comics Pay Attention: Rules To Follow at a Comedy Club

Coleman Cox

The Cocaine Crazed Cholo Interview

What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

Al Bahmani

Remembering Touchee Jackson June 4th, 1974 – July 1st, 2013

Remembering Scott Kennedy

Friends With Complications

David Gavri

Open Mic Etiquette

Houston’s All Time Five

A Farewell to Chase

Steven Padilla

Quit Comedy, Not Your Day Job

5 Common Open Mic Mistakes

Are Female Comedians Funny?

Be Careful Squeezing the Juice

Stephanie Fisher

A Day in the Life: Podcaster Edition

Adam Komar

Develop the Scene


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