Houston Improv Open Mic Night: Be There


By Steven Padilla

Open Mic Night is Back

It has been well over a year since The Houston Improv hosted an open mic. When there was one, it was held consistently every month or so.

On September 5, 2012, it was resurrected. This time on a more consistent basis. The plan is to have the open mic every other week. The dates are posted on the Improv website.

For the Fans of Comedy

The Houston Improv is a great venue. It is just one of only two comedy clubs in all of Houston. The only one with an open mic.

If you are a fan of comedy, it is important that you come out and show your support. And bring your friends! Without an audience the open mic will cease to exist.

The comedians you see on stage range from aspiring comedians to professionals who have been on Comedy Central, Showtime and have toured all over the country. It is the best that Houston has to offer. Tickets are only $3.

For the Comedians

Every comedian in Houston should aspire to perform on this stage. The lights, the audience, and the overall atmosphere is outstanding.

They have a rotating list of comedians that they will use for each show. To be eligible to perform you have to email the Improv on the Sunday before the show at openmicimprov@gmail.com. If you do not make the list for one of the shows, make sure to keep signing up. Persistence is key. When you finally do get on the list, bring your A-game!

For Everyone

Support this with everything you have. E-mail the owner and let him know that you appreciate letting us use his stage. Talk to people about this on Facebook, Twitter or whatever you are into. The open mic livelihood depends on it. Support Local Comedy!

For the Improv calendar click here

For the list of all Houston open mics click here

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