Aaron Aryanpur: Funniest Comic in Texas 2012

Aaron Aryanpur headshotBy: Steven Padilla

Aaron Aryanpur has opened up for the Axis of Evil Tour. He was also named Maxim Magazine/Bud Light “Real Men of Comedy.” From Dallas, he’s been gracing the comedy stage for over 10 years. Fresh off of winning the Funniest Comic in Texas contest, he gave of some of his time.

First of all, congratulations on winning Funniest Comic in Texas. How does is feel?

It feels pretty good. Really good. A lot of people gave me a lot of support. With that was added pressure. People were saying that they were counting on me. More and more each year I was in this contest.

How many years have you been in this contest?

Since it began. Five years now. It may be easier for me to say this now that I have won, but I don’t like contest at all.

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Battle for Funniest Comic in Texas


By David Gavri

By The ultimate contest is here! And the crown is for the funniest person in Texas! Big state—big competition. Comics from all over Texas have done whatever it takes to get in on the action. When it’s all said and done, a total of 70 comics will have competed against each other for the title. And it all takes place tonight and tomorrow night at The Addison Improv in Dallas!

The breakdown of the contest goes like this: It consists of six semifinal rounds, in which the sixth and final round takes place tonight. Only the top two comics from each semifinal round advance to the finals. The final twelve will be competing tomorrow night for a first place prize of $1,000, a weekend featuring spot, AND a one-nighter headlining spot.

The competing comics of the Houston comedy scene include: Matthew Broussard, Theodore M.E. Taylor, Barrett Goldsmith, and Owen Dunn. Broussard won this year’s Stand Up Stand Off Contest, and he won this year’s Houston’s Funniest Person Contest—in which Goldsmith placed second in the final round that also included Dunn. M.E. Taylor won Houston’s Funniest Person Contest last year. The Houston team is stacked, and they’re ready to take on the state of Texas. Here’s what they had to say: Continue reading

A Farewell to Chase

By David Gavri

What’s there to say about Chase Durousseau? Aside from being a great person to look up to and fun friend to laugh with, Chase’s presence has had a tremendous impact on the Houston Comedy Scene and what it is becoming today. His aspirations and his accomplishments are an inspiration to the future of Houston comedy. Chase was the winner of Houston’s Funniest Person back in 2008. In 2011 he was voted one of the “Top 3 Funniest Comics in Texas”. He’s opened up for many of the nation’s biggest comedians such as: Damon Wayans, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Russell Peters, Gabriel Iglesias, and Jo Koy. And that’s just off the top of his head.

But it’s time for Chase to take his comedy to the next level: Los Angeles. He will say goodbye to Houston with a performance at the Improv tonight at 7:30. He’s leaving behind a remarkable impression, and he will most certainly be missed. Here’s to you, Chase.

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Talkin’ Shop with Nick Guerra

By David Gavri

After featuring at the Houston Improv, Nick Guerra shared some words of advice about comedy. Nick not only performs stand up, but he’s also a writer, an actor, a director, and a producer. His hard work and dedication has granted him opportunities to perform with Jo Koy, Felipe Esparza, Anjelah Johnson, Pablo Francisco, and very recently, Gabriel Islagias on Comedy Central. He’s doin’ it right. His knowledge and his experience is something that we can all learn from.  Continue reading

Paul Oddo: Oddo Man Out

By David Gavri & Al Bahmani

When I first started doing stand-up, there was a Houston Press article about Paul Oddo. I studied it like it was a strategy guide for a Nintendo game.  —Chase Durousseau

Nominated as “Best Local Comedian” by The Houston Press in 2006, Paul Oddo’s style is different from the classic set up, punchline formula. With Oddo, there is always a story. It takes time and attention to appreciate his style, but have faith in him, he’s worth it. Plain spoken and unpretentious, Oddo weaves a narrative tapestry thas full of twists, turns, and unexpected surprises. Currently residing in New York City, Oddo takes some time off from self-promotion to catch up and tell us what he’s been up to. Continue reading

5 Common Open Mic Mistakes


By Steven Padilla

1. Not Staying In The Light

All of the attention is meant to be focused on you.  That’s why you went on stage in the first place.  Stay center stage, where the light is.  If the entire stage is lit, feel free to roam.  Very simply stated, stay in the light.
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Quit Comedy, Not Your Day Job

By Steven Padilla

If you are getting into stand-up comedy to become wealthy, quit now

There is no money in comedy.  You will perform for free for a very long time.  When you actually start to understand who you are and how to actually be funny on stage, you will make very little money.  At this point you may be just a guest spot or the host at a comedy club.  It took you three to four years to get to this spot.  Now what?  It may take another three to four years to have enough material to become a feature at a comedy club.  Still unable to quit your day job because a feature spot does not cover your bills plus road expenses.  Three to four years later to have finally reached headliner status and you can finally quit your day job and focus solely on comedy.  You still have not broken the bank. In that nine to twelve years you spent pursuing that comedy dream, you could have become a manager, senior manager, or something greater at your job.  You could have invested your extra money into stocks and bonds.  Been able to afford that new house and car.

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Mark Hurtado: L.A. Bound

By David Gavri

Mark Hurtado is a Houston-born comic who has performed at all of the major Houston comedy clubs, including: The Houston Improv, The Comedy Showcase, and The Laff Stop (now closed). He has also performed at The Velveeta Room as well as Cap City in Austin, along with Hyena’s in Dallas, and Boom Town Casino in Louisiana. Continue reading

Houston’s All Time Five

By David Gavri

The great city of Houston has been home to some of the most successful celebrities. The list includes: Patrick Swayze, Dennis Quaid and Randy Quaid, Matt Stone, Michael Strahan, Anna Nicole Smith, Renee Zellweger, Shannon Elizabeth, and Beyonce Knowles.

Some of the most successful rap artists have come out of the city of Houston. They include: Mike Jones, Pimp-C, Z-Ro, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Scarface, Lil’ Flip, Paul Wall, and DJ Screw.

But what about our most successful comedians? Comedy Scene in Houston compiled a list of comedians who came out of the Houston comedy scene. The list has been narrowed down to Houston’s five most successful comedians of all time. And we are finally down to the number one decision. Continue reading

New Comedy Open Mic at Nico’s

By Steven Padilla

There is a new comedy open mic outside of Loop 610!  You asked for and you got it.  Nico’s is located at 22610 Loop 494 in Kingwood, 77339.  This open mic takes place every Sunday and starts at 8.  There is plenty of seating and plenty of parking.  For anyone interested in performing, signup starts at 7:30 and it is first come, first serve.  Stage time will vary between 5-10 minutes, depending on how many people are performing.  If you have any questions, contact DJ Northway on Facebook.  Support local comedy!