Quit Comedy, Not Your Day Job

By Steven Padilla

If you are getting into stand-up comedy to become wealthy, quit now

There is no money in comedy.  You will perform for free for a very long time.  When you actually start to understand who you are and how to actually be funny on stage, you will make very little money.  At this point you may be just a guest spot or the host at a comedy club.  It took you three to four years to get to this spot.  Now what?  It may take another three to four years to have enough material to become a feature at a comedy club.  Still unable to quit your day job because a feature spot does not cover your bills plus road expenses.  Three to four years later to have finally reached headliner status and you can finally quit your day job and focus solely on comedy.  You still have not broken the bank. In that nine to twelve years you spent pursuing that comedy dream, you could have become a manager, senior manager, or something greater at your job.  You could have invested your extra money into stocks and bonds.  Been able to afford that new house and car.

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