Steven Padilla: Founder

Steven doesn’t consider himself a comedian. Instead, he considers himself a comedian entrepreneur. What does that mean? Nobody really knows. Steven felt as if there was a lack of identity in the Houston comedy community. Houston now has an identity, it’s Comedy Scene in Houston. You can find Steven hanging out at Saint Danes every Thursday. He hosts the open mic there.

Twitter: @StevenPadilla78


Phone: (281)381-5066

David Gavri: Writer / Co-Founder

David Gavri is a stand up comic /writer. He is also the creator of

Growing up in the suburbs of Sugar Land, Texas, Gavri was raised to always be on his best behavior. And he is…for the most part. Off the stage, he’s known to be polite, respectable, and dazzling with charm. But on the stage, Gavri doesn’t play nice. Action-packed with a “No Holds Barred” attitude, Gavri tells it like it is, unleashing his wild side in the form of high energy and laughter. You can catch him anywhere with a microphone.

David Gavri is also infamous for writing comedy interviews. His Gonzo-like approach to journalism intrigues readers from all over, giving his interviews a sense of realism and authenticity. His interviews are not just another read—they are an experience—captured first hand, as they are transcribed to the page.

Gavri’s local interviews can be seen here & his nationally-acclaimed / world-renowned interviews can be seen here.


Al Bahmani: Writer

Award winning filmmaker, comic and writer Al Bahmani is a serious, silly and strange man. At one point or another he has worked behind the scenes for most of the comedy clubs in Houston. If you pay him
 money and he will tell jokes to your family.

Check out Al B on IMDB, YouTube, & Twitter

Kevin Farren: Business Correspondent

A native of Scotland, Kevin moved to the United States at the tender age of 7. Where the dry wit, and sense irony he learned from his people collided with more observation American style of comedy. Creating the perfect fusion of humor from both sides of the pond.

Kevin is the founder of ‘A Couple of Stand-Up Guys‘, Houston’s Newest Comedy Troupe. ACOSUG performs bi-monthly comedy and variety shows featuring the best in Comedy, Sketches, Music and More!

You can find Kevin in and around town at most Open Mic events where he is either scouting new talent, or working on his own material.

He’d love to talk to you.

Twitter: @kevinrfarren

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