10 Questions with Andy Huggins

By Steven Padilla

A graduate of both The Comedy Store in Los Angeles and Houston’s legendary Comedy Workshop, Andy Huggins is a thirty-year veteran of both clubs and concerts. He has opened for acts ranging from Ray Charles to Billy Gardell. In addition, Andy has written for Bill Hicks, Jay Leno, and Billy Crystal on The Academy Awards.(Source-www.rooftopcomedy.com)  In the 1980’s he was one of the Texas Outlaw Comics, which also included  Riley Barber, Steve Epstein, John Farneti, Bill Hicks, Jimmy Pineapple, and Ron Shock.  He still writes and works on his craft.  These days you can see him perform Mondays in Houston at the Houston Comedy Unions’ open mic held at Sherlocks River Oaks.  He is a crowd favorite that never disappoints.  Here are 10 questions with the man himself after the break.  Interviewed by Kevin Farren.

1. How long have you been performing comedy?

Thirty years

2. What do you enjoy most about performing?

The Immediacy

3. Who are your influences?

Specifically, Woody Allen but the first inspirations to be a part of comedy were the films of W.C. Fields and the Marx Brothers.

4. Where did you get your start?

Officially, a coffee house in Virginia but realistically The Comedy Store in L.A. (1979)

5. What is the Houston comedy scene missing?

More clubs, of course.

6. Is there anything you think the Houston comedy scene could do without? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

7. What is your best advice to other comics?

Assuming you’re funny, trust your instincts and listen to the audience.

8. What is the worst advice you ever received? Work clean. You need to go where the joke is. If that means using certain language, so be it. It would be just as idiotic to strive to be always “dirty”. Go where the joke is.

9. What was your most memorable gig?

Charlie Goodnight’s with Jimmy Pineapple and Bill Hicks around 1986 or so. Epic shows and, Lord, we laughed a lot off-stage.

10. What is your personal motto?

At this point in my life, my motto is “Let’s do it right this time.”

If you are interested in getting in touch with Andy Huggins e-mail him at jamesahuggins@yahoo.com

View some of his comedy at http://www.rooftopcomedy.com/comics/AndyHuggins

Thanks to Mr. Huggins for his time.

Steven Padilla and Kevin Farren contributed to this article.

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