Remembering Touchee Jackson June 4th, 1974 – July 1st, 2013

Donta Touchee Jackson: June 4th, 1974 – July 1st, 2013

Written by: Al Bahmani

Hey bartender how much are well drinks? $10!?!

Well, I guess I won’t be drinking.

– Touchee Jackson

News of Touchee Jackson’s death came out of left field. Within hours everyone in the Houston comedy community came abuzz. A flurry of frantic calls and texting eventually confirmed the worst, we lost one of our own.

Years ago my 1997 Nissan pick up truck broke down. On a hot and humid June day, Touchee Jackson on his birthday came out with his tool kit and helped me replace my water pump.

In the 10 years we’ve known each other we’ve joked, argued and laughed. He spoke fast joked hard and in the end, he was there to help out a fellow comic.

–Al Bahmani


Touchee meant a lot to me. He was like a brother. We argued and fought, but we loved each other. To know Touchee is to argue with him. If he didn’t argue with you, then you weren’t really friends. I remember cursing each other out, yet coming back on a common ground. If we can take anything away from this tragedy, take this; Tell and show people that you love them. Because there are no guarantees.

–Carolyn Agnew


I have so many Touchee stories, to choose one would be too much for me. They are all my favorite moments. He was not only my brother in comedy but in life. We don’t get many chances to call someone a true friend and he was that.

— Keith Manning


Touchee was the first friend I made when I moved to Houston. He remains my best friend in Houston. What I remember about Touchee is his deep devotion to his friends and family. Mostly, I recall his love of laughter and his need to share that love. He was just a silly silly man. … in the best possible way.

— Mike Rao


I believe just about everyone in the Houston scene that knew him has a Touchee story, he was one of a kind, he had a serious love for this craft and was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen. Of course this goes without saying, yeah I had to get in his face a few times, and damn could he piss me off. Yet without minutes he had that smile and it was done.

— Caroline Picard

We were traveling to a gig one time and stopped off at a gas station to fuel up. I went inside to pay for the gas and get a pack of cigarettes and when I came out he had cleaned the inside of my car.

— Danny Rios

At Sherlocks some kid named Lil T attempted to heckle him. When Lil T took the stage, Touchee proceeded to act a FOOL to teach the youngin a lesson. Haven’t seen that kid since.

— Nia De-Bose


I remember hanging out at The Continental Club after the shows just shooting the shit, no comedy stuff just chilling with all the comedians.

— Jason Jerome

He would always come to my comedy Room, and say, “I’m only doing 10mins” and he ends up doing 30mins every time. Funny every time on stage!

— Canice Nnanna


I asked him once how did he get on the road to do comedy and he says; “I put myself on the road.”

— Bukky (Pronounced Boo-Key)

In high school, I was a really small guy. We both used to run with a “rough” crowd, but he was like my body guard. Nobody messed with me, he made sure of that.

“Bump it on down” was a high school thing. We used to say it all the time. It was so awesome to see that he was using it on stage.

— Barry Laminack


Bumping into him and his son at a local laundromat just right up the road. And he asked me to come out to a little show out in Channelview to warm up the crowd that same night. When I think back to that night, that 10 mins up there felt dam good. And I will always remember that.Taking the time to look out for a brother. Gonna miss him.

— Carl Hunter

I was doing Touchee’s open mic at Zona Latina. The DJ introduces me and when I get to center stage, Touchee and the DJ are discussing how much light to put on my Black ass while the DJ’s mic IS STILL HOT! The DJ is like,”I can barely see him” and Touchee is like,”You need EXTRA light for this ninja!” I’m like “WE CAN HEAR YOU!” It was the perfect intro. It seems like almost everyone I’ve talked with about Touchee remembers how selfless he was. He is what was right with Houston Comedy.

— Rich Williams


I remember him doing a joke about his son liking spiderman and said to myself that is an awesome bit especially cause i have a son. Touchee was a great person to be around. Thanks for the memory!!

— Ku Egenti

When he let me host his open mic night once at Club SinsationS, it was the first time I hosted someone else’s show.

— Mickey Housley

I only met Touchee once at Sherlock’s, John Wessling was outside with him. I introduced myself and he in turn said Touché. Which made me feel awkwardly cool because I thought I unknowingly zinged him. Then he told me it was his name and we had a good time.

— Michael George


This should be a lesson for us all, everyone has a great Touchee moment and something very nice to say, but How great it would have been to have him heard everyone say these thing while he was on this phase with us, from now on let’s not hold back the love and respect due to each other, but let’s instead hold back that venom,disrespect and hate so often displayed.

— All D. Freeman


He was more than an entertainer, he was a great man with a huge heart and he affected people with his purpose.

–LaLa Woods

If he could take away pain from people for just one moment, he would.

–Louisie Johnson
Touchee’s Grandmother

Donta Touchee Jackson is survived by his mother Evelyn Jackson, his sisters Quincia Browne and April Jackson, his son Jojo, his many nephews and nieces and laughter of all the countless lives he’s touched on and off stage.

Wake/Visitation: Saturday, July 13, 9am
Funeral Service:

Saturday, 11am

Services will be Held at

New Heart Church of God in Christ
14702 Lee Road
Humble, TX 77396

9am-11am Viewing
11am- 12pm Service

Paradise North Cemetery
10401 W Montgomery Rd
Houston, TX 77088