Junior Comics Pay Attention: Rules To Follow at a Comedy Club

comedy-green-roomBy: Tim Mathis

1. Unless you are on the show or invited, stay out of the green room.

2. If you are in the green room, don’t bug the headliner, feature or opener.

3. DON’T TRY TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION…just because you’ve done some open mics doesn’t mean you can contribute to the conversation in any meaningful way.

4. Shut. The. Hell. Up.

5. Tip the staff, even for water.

6. Watch the comics who are better than you, which at this point is probably all of them.


8. Don’t get in the staff’s way. They’re getting paid, you’re not.

9. Schedule at least one night every week to hang out.

10. Be prepared to get your feelings hurt.

11. Car-pool.

I’m not saying I know what I’m doing and I’m still a junior comic myself but these seem to be helping me not piss too many people off…

Tim Mathis on Twitter

Editors Note: This was a post in the Houston Comics Facebook group. Permission was granted from Tim Mathis to post this. Seems like some useful information.

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