The Bob Biggerstaff Interview

By Steven Padilla

In 1991, Bob Biggerstaff was a student at the University of Houston.  One day a comedian came to the school a day before he was to perform.  He was in search of a few people to go on stage before him to start the show.  Bob was one of the guys picked.  That was his first time on stage.  He wouldn’t get back on stage until 1997.  It was then that he became a door man at the Laff Stop.  A few months later, The Laff Stop had started an open mic. That was when he started focusing on comedy.  His first paying gig was in 1999 and he became a regular in 2000.  3 years later, he went on to win Houston’s Funniest Person Contest.  In 2007 he was a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.  Nowadays he is touring the country.  He frequents the open mics in Houston, telling jokes and/or playing Golden Tee.

1. Who are your influences?Bill Cosby, Rich Little, Andrew Dice Clay, Buddy Hackett, Johnny Carson2. What do you enjoy most about performing?

The potential of being on TV and people paying to see me, Bob Biggerstaff.

3. What is your most memorable gig?

Comedy Centrals Live at Gotham.  It’s on Itunes and Netflix.  Episode 6, Season 3

4. What advice do you have for comics?

Write all the time and get on stage.  Don’t be afraid to do comedy contest.

5.  How often do you write?

I put a finger to Iphone when something hits me or happens.

6. What’s the worst advice you have ever received?

There is no bad advice.

7. What is the Houston comedy scene missing?

More comedy clubs.

8. What is your personal motto?

Hey buddy, it’s chili time!

Bob Biggerstaff will be at the Houston Improv on April 19th.

He is a regular on the Bob and Tom Show

Check out his podcast

Find out more info and to contact him go to

Watch some of his comedy at Rooftopcomedy

Follow him on Twitter @chilitime

Thanks to Bob Biggerstaff for his time.

Interviewed by Steven Padilla

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