Sean Rouse: Hilariously Obscene

By David Gavri

Sean Rouse was one of the breakout stars with Dave Attell, Greg Giraldo, and Dane Cook on Comedy Central’s “Insomniac Tour”. He was in Men in Black II and also on HBO’s critically acclaimed “Down & Dirty” with Jim Norton.

He’s dark, even though he looks innocent. He’s likeable even though he’s highly obscene. But most of all, he’s extremely entertaining. We were lucky enough to catch up with him after one of his shows right here in Houston. Continue reading

John Wessling: Comedian, HCU Founder, Whiskey Brother

By David Gavri

When comedian John Wessling was just 24 years old, he showcased his comedic talent in a comedy show where George Lopez and Carlos Mencia were both headlining. The crowd went wild for Lopez and Mencia. But for John Wessling, it was nothing but hate and anger, with a lot of booing. The crowd of 5,000 gave this opener no respect whatsoever. So what did John Wessling do about it? He did what John Wessling does best. He killed them with laughter. And he’s been killin’ it ever since.

This Houston-born comic is the founder of Houston Comedy Union. He’s also an ESPN Radio sports talk show host. And most importantly, he’s a husband, a father, and a brother of whiskey.

We got the chance to hang out with John Wessling as we kicked back and talked comedy. Continue reading

Ambiance – Houston Open Mics

Updated June 10, 2012

Houston has a very funny, diverse group of comedians. Just as diverse are the local open mics. Each comic goes to an open mic for different reasons, stage time, timing, work on new jokes, networking, hoping to be discovered and the main reason, to perform in front of an audience. The people determine if the comic is funny and what they may need to work on. Each comic wants to establish a fanbase. Open mics are a good way to start that. If you are a fan of comedy, I encourage you to attend any one of the venues below. The comics will truly appreciate it.

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