Remembering Scott Kennedy

Written by: Al Bahmani

July 7, 1965- March 14th 2013

Scott Kennedy
1986 after a friend had entered him into a comedy competition at Froggy Bottoms Comedy Club in Lubbock Texas Scott Kennedy started his comedy career at an open mic. Shortly after that he made Houston, Texas his comedy home. And then he moved on to Los Angeles and then to Austin.

Scotty Kennedy 001
In 1994 Scott co-founded “The Gay Comedy Jam” which toured over 150 cities with his partner Kevin Maye. He was featured performer at HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival in aspen Colorado, his Comedy Central Premium Blend Special was so successful he was given his own half-hour special in 2004. He was a favorite on CMT Countdown on Country Music Television. He has also been seen on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, CBS’s The Late Late Show, and on ABC’s Good Morning America.
In the 2000’s Scott started to entertain the troops. He has had more than 50 trips to Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt. In 2008 he wrote “Between Iraq and a Hard Place” for the Non Fiction anthology “Out on the Edge: America’s Rebel Comics”. That same year he took his father, Jack with him on tour to Iraq.
He even formed his touring company, Comics Ready to Entertain, so he could perform at more dangerous places than the USO was willing to send him to.

There is currently an effort to nominate Scott for the Presidential Citizen’s medal. His website is currently down due to the overwhelming web traffic. Comedy Central is currently replaying his special on tv. There areYoutube tributes. And as time moves on many more tributes and memories to come.
Scott Kennedy was as fine a human being as a one could hope to know. He was a masterful comedian, a TRUE patriot, a magnificent queer and a man who loved his life. The person who will miss it the most I’m sure is himself. But many others will come close. The world is darker today.— Rob Mungle

Encouraging, honest, fun, and deeply funny Scott was a good human being. A loyal friend, a strong believer that laughter can heal Scott touched my heart every time we spoke. He made me laugh, think, and smile.

— Slim Bloodworth

Scotty Kennedy 001-1
I met Scotty seventeen years ago at the Houston Laff Stop. I started showing up to the open mics at the Laff Stop.. We shared booze, my bad cooking, his horrific jersey collection and his boyfriends pension for aqua net and pointy elf shoes..
He became my mentor because he was fearless, selfless, generous, brutally honest yet with grace, NEVER spoke ill of another comedian and many spoke horribly of him.

One year Scotty and I weren’t able to head home for Christmas and were booked on Christmas Eve together. I don’t remember ever eating, drinking and feeling merrier in the big hairy arms of Scotty Kennedy. I have so many stories to share, however I will keep them close to me always.

There was nothing better than watching him slay a full on redneck audience, then come “out” to them and watch the confusion roll down their cowboy hats. He made people think, question their values and change their opinions in only the way Scotty could. I loved to watch those standing ovations- He didn’t use trickery, he was brave, honest and took one helluva chance to get them!

Just like our troops fought for our country, Scotty fought selflessly with his natural gift to all of us. I am slowly letting the sadness of the passing of Scott Kennedy seep into my mind. No one made negatives into positives like Scotty did. I Will miss his silly baseball hats, oversized jerseys and his pure heart in everything he did. I hope he’s finally in the loving arms of Kevin May up in that sweet sky. Thank you Scotty for being simply magnificent in your time with us.

–Jody Ferdig

Scott was one of the first guys I met when I started working at the Laff Stop. Always funny, always sweet, and a great friend. RIP buddy.

— Bob Biggerstaff

He was the first guy I ever opened for. I was incredibly nervous but he made me feel welcome and got me talking. Pretty soon he was grilling me about my gay older brother and we were both laughing our asses off. Not only a great comic, but a genuinely great person.

— John Gard

“The first time I met Scott, was at the Showcase, he had a wad of Tobacco between the cheek and gums, a beer, and a shot of whiskey…we talked typical BS, when I walked out of the greenroom, someone said, you know he’s gay right?” All I could say was “who’s gay, HIM?….I guess for me as a road comic, I just think of Scott being on the road, or overseas, it makes it much easier to accept that he is no longer here….what a great man and a great comic….safe travels Scott.”

–Caroline Picard

Scott was a amazing comedian and friend. He was there the moment I started stand up in Houston. Not only did he show me the ropes he help me develop my comedic voice. So devastated that he is gone but so honored to have had him in my life.

–Matt Kirsch

Scott and I crossed paths on numerous occasions in Iraq and Kuwait. He would be rolling with his crew and me with mine. We would all be total exhausted from going base to base but we still always pushed through until the mission was accomplished. We both understood God’s purpose was for us to entertain the troops no matter what or how we felt that day. We both started comedy around 1989 and 20 years later our paths were back on the same road. Well Scott we are all going to miss you but God has now given you a promotion soldier. Remembering all the names on the walls of on every base, all the troops that did not make it out of Iraq you will now be their Angel of Laughter my friend. God bless you and may you rest in peace. Until we meet again. Salute!”

–Olivia Arrington

Scotty helped me get into comedy. He was a great friend and a very funny guy. I was lucky enough to go to Iraq with him once. He was in his element. He treated it like a mission. He loved helping out the troops. Man, we laughed hard that week. He was very particular about his chewing tobacco. He used to make me drive around to gas stations all over Houston to find the right kind. I remember going up on his Project Angel Food benefit in LA at The Improv. It was a big thrill for me and it was so generous of him to give me the opportunity. I will miss you Scotty.”

–Greg Warren

Scott has repeatedly placed himself in personal danger for the sake of troopers, traveling to small outposts in the most austere locations. Scott has demonstrated inspiring patriotism. His actions reflect great credit upon him and The United States of America.
Scott was, indeed, a truly selfless, talented, tireless American who could never do enough for our troopers downrange. We will all miss him and his ability to provide a lift to our men and women in uniform on far flung bases in tough endeavors.”

— General David Petraeus

“Uncle Scott died. He is watching us from Heaven.”


Scott’s grand nephew

A memorial service is being being held today Saturday, March 30, 1:00pm at the
First United Methodist Church of Marble Falls
1101 Bluebonnet
Marble Falls, Texas 78654

April 16, 2013 the Hollywood Improv will hold a tribute for him. Doors open at 5:00pm .
Written by: Al Bahmani